pani1, parni, panie, panny, paunie, pawné
1 water 19-.
2 urine 20-.
3 the sea 20.
verb urinate 20-. Compare paurie etymology: Romany from Sanskrit pānīya (adjective) ‘potable’, (noun) ‘drinking water’, in British slang and South Asian use via Hindi pānī; form panie also collected by EMcC/PS; sense 1 forms pani, parni collected by RD and; also attested in Shelta; attested by Galloway and Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies; forms paunie and paurie also collected by Simson (1865); sense 1 collected by Joseph F G S Lucas from Kirk Yetholm Gypsies; noun sense 1 and verb attested by JS; senses 1 and 3 attested by BS in TDITA note:

Grellmann (1787) collected panj, panjo with the same meaning from Continental gipsies.

Form pahnee attested by Canadian Paul Pope (2013) which he defines as ‘water, rain’.

pani2, panny noun a stupid person 20-. etymology: origin obscure; attested by SR and also in Shelta note:

Canadian Paul Pope (2013) cites the form panny which he defines as ‘not the smartest person’.