nab chaet, nabchit noun
1 a handkerchief 20.
2 a bonnet, a cap, a hat 20. etymology: nab1 the nose + chaet ‘a thing, anything’; also attested in Shelta with the same meaning; sense 1 attested by BS in TDITA; form nabchit sense 2 attested by Galloway Tinkler-Gypsies; collected by EMcC/PS note:

Lexicon Balatronicum (1811) attest the Nab. or Nab chaet A hat. penthouse nab A large hat. Grose and Egan (1823) attest the form nab chaet ‘a penthouse nab; a large hat.’

Both senses cited by Canadian Paul Pope (2013) with the form nab chaet.