muskin, mutchkin noun a measure of capacity for mainly liquids or for powdered or granulated solids and originally was ¼ of a Scots pint (¾of an imperial pint) or 0.43 of a litre; a container of this capacity: Here, Mag,’ he said, haning Mother a wee muskin o’ whisky. I had to go to Edzell for that. la16-. etymology: Scots; a development of early modern Dutch mudseken; now historical in Modern Scots where the term is now used for any smallish jug or container for liquid; attested by BW note:

In Scotland, until the 1960s [?], to purchase alcohol on a Sunday, a person had to prove that they were a ‘bonafide traveller’ The Clyde steamers were famous for their well-lubricated trips ‘doon the watter’.