munt verb to cry: His mither could hardly look at her laddie, and his faither would munt whin he deeked [looked] at his bonnie laddie's maun [face]. 20-.
munting verb crying, weeping 20-.
‣ munty adjective tear-stained: Crying like that for any old boot! Look at your munty face.. 20- Compare multing which may be a variant of this. etymology: origin obscure; perhaps a development from Romany, as attested by Borrow, munjee ‘A blow on the mouth, seemingly a Cant word’; form munt attested in Shelta; form munting collected by JS; attested by SR; forms munt, munty attested by ET note:

Perhaps the Scots slang munter ‘an ugly, unattractive person or thing’ is a development from this. Oxford English Dictionary also cites an obsolete Cant term bunter ‘A Cant word for a woman who picks up rags about the street; and used, by way of contempt, for any low vulgar woman’.