lowa, loudy, lowdi, lowdy, lowie, lowy noun
1 money; bank notes; fortune: Mammy couldn’t have been any more excited if you’d given her all the lowy in America. 19-.
2 silver 20. Compare looer etymology: Romany; possibly connected with Germano-Hungarian Gypsy löwe, lowe ‘money’; Southern English Gypsy luvvo, luvver ‘money currency’; also collected by Simson (1865) and RD; form lowie collected by Joseph F G S Lucas in Kirk Yetholm and attested by Galloway Tinkler-Gypsies; also collected by Simson (1865) and attested by two of his informants; forms lowa, lowdi, lowy attested by JS; forms loudy, lowdy attested by SR note:

Canadian Paul Pope (2013) also cites the forms lowdie, lowee this with the same meaning.