looer, lour, lowre, luer, lyoor noun gold, money in general 20-. Compare been looer and lowa etymology: Gypsy; lour, lower slang ‘money’; perhaps connected with lucre from Latin lucrum ‘gain, profit’; attested by Galloway and Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies, BS in TDITA and SS; form lyoor attested in Shelta; forms lour, lowre attested by Gorse and Egan as ‘Cant’; form luer collected by Rev John Baird from Kirk Yetholm Gypsies; collected by EMcC/PS note:

Grellmann (1787) collected the forms Lowe, Löwe meaning ‘money’ from Continental gipsies. Lexicon Balatronicum (1811) attested Lowre. Money. as Cant.

Smart & Crofton (1875) collected Loor, v., ‘to rob, plunder, steal’ and the forms Loóvo, Lóvo, Lúva n., ‘money’ from English Gypsies. So there may have been a confusion between these two terms.

Canadian Paul Pope (2013) also cites the form lour with the same meaning.