dewgal, dougal, jougal, juckal, jugal, jucal, dugal, tugel noun a dog la19-. etymology: Sanskrit srigāla ‘a jackal’; jougal, forms jucal, dugal collected by Simson (1865) and attested by 3 of his informants; form jugal attested by Galloway and Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies; dougal form collected by EMcC/PS; form tugel collected by Rev John Baird from Kirk Yetholm Gypsies; form jugal attested by ET, BW; form dougal attested by BS in TDITA; forms dewgal, juckal, jugal attested by JS, BW; form juckal attested by SR note:

Grellmann (1787) collected the following forms: Jùkel, Tzùkel, Juket, Tschokel, Schokel, Tschikel with the same meaning from Continental gipsies. Grose and Egan (1823) also attest a form jugelow with the same meaning. Smart & Crofton (1875) collected the forms Yákel, jook and jookel ‘Dog’ from English Gypsies.