guri, goori, goorie, gourie, gouré, gowry noun
1 a person 19-.
2 a girl: She came down for the company because she lived there with her parents, a wee country guri. 20-.
3 a man or boy la19-. etymology: Romany guero ‘a person, fellow’ and gueri ‘a female person, a virgin’; form goorie ‘a girl’ attested by Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies and BS in TDITA; form gourie ‘a boy or girl’ attested by Galloway Tinkler-Gypsies; sense 2 collected by EMcC/PS and attested by SR; form gouré collected by Simson (1865) which he ascribes to ‘Yetholm Gypsy’; form gourie sense 3 also collected by Simson (1865) and attested by 2 of his informants; Joseph F G S Lucas also records form gowry sense 3 from Kirk Yetholm Gypsies; form guri sense 1 attested by JS and collected by RD; sense 2 attested by DW in DB