fambel, femmel noun a finger, hand la16-. Compare fambel, famel etymology: Partridge: ‘famble a hand, Cant, probably from fumble’; attested by Galloway and Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies; form femmel also collected by Simson (1865) and attested in Shelta, Lexicon Balatronicum (1811) and by SR, BS in TDITA, SS; collected by RD note:

Form femmel cited by Canadian Paul Pope (2013) as ‘a finger, hand’ arm’.

famel, fammel, femmel, femel noun the hand, finger: Fammels fat as sausages, like ma George’s haunds were. la16-. Compare fambel. etymology: Partridge: famble ‘a hand Cant… probably from fumble’; femmel also attested by Galloway Tinkler-Gypsies and BS in TDITA; also collected by EMcC/PS; collected by Simson (1865) and attested by two of his informants; form femel also attested in Shelta; form femmel also attested by JS; form fammel attested by ET and SR