feek, fek, fayk verb
1 to find, obtain, search out, seek: Up the glen tae the auld blind man, And we’ll feek wir weed in the morgan [...And we will find our tea in the morning.] 19-.
2 give, get: What did that gadgie [man] feek to thee? 20-. etymology: origin obscure; perhaps related to fake ‘In thieves' or vagrants’ language: To perform any operation upon; to beat up, murder; ‘to plunder, wound, kill...’; form fayk attested in Shelta; also collected by EMcC/PS; attested by JS, SS and BS in TDITA, SS and DW note:

Fake is also attested by Grose and Egan (1823) A word so variously used, that we can only illustrate it by a few examples. To fake any person or place may signify to rob them... They then go on to cite various examples. Sense 2 cited by Canadian Paul Pope (2013) and defined as ‘get’.