cam1, cham noun pipe clay used in whitening floors or doorsteps: The floor was of stone whitened with cam – but not too much – with rugs here and there. la19-. Compare cam2 etymology: Scots; origin obscure; atttested by JS and BW
cam2, cham, shan noun the moon 19. Compare cam2, kam etymology: possibly a development Hindi camd; or Sanskrit candra with the same meaning; or Romany choon; forms cam and cham collected by Simson (1865) and attested by two of his informants; form shan collected by Joseph F G S Lucas and Rev John Baird from Kirk Yetholm Gypsies note:

Grellmann (1787) collected the forms cham, cam, okam meaning ‘the sun’ and the form Schon ‘the moon’ from Continental gipsies. Smart & Crofton (1875) collected the forms tam, kam, sken ‘the sun’ from English Gypsies.

cam3 verb
1 came la15-.
2 to call to others to come 20. etymology: Scots; attested by BW and DW