brose, braas, bras, broas noun
1 porridge 20-.
2 a drink made with oatmeal la17-. etymology: origin uncertain; from Scots ‘a dish made with oat- or peasemeal, mixed with boiling water, sometimes with salt or butter added’; forms braas, bras, broas attested in Shelta; also collected by EMcC/PS; sense 1 attested by BW; sense 2 attested by JS
prass, pras, bras noun food 20. etymology: origin obscure; but perhaps a development from Scots press ‘the cupboard where food was kept’; forms pras, bras attested in Shelta; form bras attested in Beurla Reagaird; attested by Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies