bing avree verb past tense bung avree
1 leave, go away: We’re to bing avree to the vavver vile ... [We have to go away to the other town...] 20-.
2 come back 20-. Compare abree, avree etymology: first element perhaps originally Romany but Grose (1811) attests this is as Cant + Romany avree ‘from, out of, away’; sense one also collected by EMcC/PS and RD; bing avree attested by CH and BS in TDITA, JS and DW in DB; bung avree collected by JS and attested by SR note:

Grose (1811), Grose and Egan (1823) attest bing ‘to go’ as Cant. Smart and Crofton (1875) collected the form Avreé from English Gypsies.

Cited by Canadian Paul Pope (2013) and defined as ‘to go away’.