been, bein, bene, bin adjective
1 fine, good, costly rich, gentle la19-.
2 little 20-. etymology: Scots bien from Latin bene adverb ‘well, kindly’; attested by Galloway and Perthshire and Argyleshire Tinkler-Gypsies; form been attested by BS in TDITA; also collected by EMcC/PS; also attested in Shelta; sense 2 also attested in Beurla Reagaird with the form bein; collected by JS, RD; form bene attested by SR and JS; form bene sense 1 attested by DW note:

Grose and Egan (1823) attest the form bene ‘Good’ as Cant.

Form been attested by Canadian Paul Pope (2013) which he attests as ‘fine, classy, good, elegant’.